Ormstown Parent Participation Organization (OPPO)

The Ormstown Parent Participation Organization plays an important role at OES.

O.P.P.O.’s mission is to ensure that as a community we work together to build, improve, and sustain our school by volunteering, and organizing fundraisers. Our goal is to help provide the best experience for all O.E.S students, staff, and parents.

Meetings occur every 5 to 6 weeks and all parents are always welcome to join us for any events or attend a meeting.

Current members include:

William Mason – Chair

Megan Vezina – Secretary

Lynn Brocklehurst – Treasurer

Lisa Evans

Cynthia Gallinger

Melissa Leduc

Jennifer O’Reilly

Joanne Henrico

Link to Mabel’s Labels website (OES Fundraiser)



Parent Participation in the School booklet(Published by the Fédération des comités des parents)