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Staff Directory

Best way to get in contact with your child’s teachers? Email. 🙂

We always do our best to get back to you asap! Most email address for New Frontiers School Board personnel are first initial, last name. (John Smith = jsmith@nfsb.qc.ca)

Not sure how to get in touch with someone? Don’t see your child’s teacher in the list? Email oes@nfsb.qc.ca and we will get back to you asap!


Principal Nancy Richer
Secretary  Lauren French
Ron Richard


Kaylie Bernert
Chad Campbell
Christina Campbell-Caza
Judy Chisholm
Catherine DeRoy-Lefort
Charlene Dulude
Joëlle Frank
Debbie Kerr
Louise Labelle-Rollin
Allyson Lefebvre
Yvonne Lewis-Langlois
Jessica Mackay
Anne Marie McCaffrey
Émilie McCaig
Kristina Meredith
Annie Montcalm
Sarah Renaud
Danielle Schinck
Jennifer Travers
LĂ©anne Tremblay
Michelle Wallace
Heather Waugh

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